Sturdy Memorial Hospital (Attleboro, MA), Cancer Survivors’ Day, Keynote Speaker

Some say hope is a vague, fleeting, unattainable state. But I say hope is concrete and can be felt deep inside your soul. Hope is the wind under your sails. It’s what will keep you on course and light your way.

In order to help you feel and utilize this amazing beacon of light that is available to us all, I have developed a program that uses music and storytelling to elicit a sense of solidarity in your life. This unique program is my contribution to your growth, empowerment, and transformation.


I find that my storytelling is a wonderful way to connect with people. Stories can make a profound impact. They hook the mind and build a pathway to a person’s emotional being. It is in this state that the powerful message of a story can be felt.

It’s with this tool that I have found that I am able to help others be fully in the moment – even if it’s just during the time that they are with me during my presentation. This is the time that the music and words combined bring a feeling of openness to reflection and learning. It is in this space that one can explore his or her life.

I always share from my heart with genuine passion and desire to make a difference.

As a survivor of Hepatitis C, I strive to be a catalyst of hope through my presentations. This is accomplished through messages of hope and surviving through the most difficult afflictions of life. I use visual graphics, music, and the spoken word. In my program I encourage people to break free from the chains of life that might be holding them back. Everyone has this ability inside of them, but a catalyst of hope is needed to begin the process. 

I truly believe in the healing power of music. As an accomplished songwriter, I rely on my personal experiences as “the muse” for my original songs. Through live performance, I love to share my music while weaving the stories into my message of hope. Music ties it all together for me. I find it helps people to release emotional pain and initiate the healing process. Music also offers your mind the opportunity to relax and be accepting of fresh ideas. It can be a great outlet for people who have difficulty expressing their feelings through words, and it can touch emotions when other words or touch are ineffective.

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