Finding Your Passion

When life becomes a little stagnant do you find yourself searching for your passion? Where have you looked for your passion? I will share a secret with you; Facebook and Pinterest do not hold the secret to your passion in life. Your life’s passion is very real and very powerful. Here are a few tips of how to unearth your passion:

  • Success is your source. We experience rewarding satisfaction anytime that we put forth an effort and experience success. When we enjoy this experience, we yearn for more. We will begin to focus on more experiences like this. For example, pretend that you have experienced rock climbing for the first time. You are a quick learner, and you “get” what your leader is teaching you. You feel excitement, and an element of accomplishment. This experience makes you want to rock climb again. This is when passion is born.
  • Did you leave your passion in childhood? We get to experience a lot of different things in childhood. There were moments when you felt exceptional as a child. You experienced the sweet taste of success, and then you graduated 5th grade. Suddenly, your experiences became more challenging and more frustrating. The passion about your favorite subject begins to evaporate into averageness.
  • Create some passion in your spare time. For most people who have experienced wild success, they created their own passion. Musicians, writers, artists, and the founder of Facebook created their own path in which they found their passion. Their passion kept them motivated until they found success. At which point, they continued to grow and evolve because their passion fueled their motivation to work for it. When you create your passion, do not let competition derail you. You are not finding your passion for someone else. This is for you.

Passion is all about doing what you love. Being yourself, and pursuing what satisfies your soul. If you enjoy something, by staying in practice you will become exceptional at it. Cooking, writing, playing guitar, rock climbing, or anything else your heart desires could become your passion. Go out there in the world, and find it.

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